Product overview

  • Fully sealed isolation: multi-function protective goggles can effectively block saliva droplets, splashes and dust in 360 degrees, and can safely and effectively separate viruses.
  • Good anti-fog effect: the lens has anti-fog coating, which can provide you with a clear vision.
  • Comfortable and safe high quality material: the lens adopts polycarbonate transparent lens, which is light and light, shock-resistant, not easy to break, with good transparency, effectively blocking ultraviolet rays and protecting eyes.
  • Ergonomic appearance design: the soft frame fits with the face, and you can determine the tightness of the face mirror by adjusting the headband. At the same time can be worn with myopia glasses, optical glasses, sunglasses, etc.
  • Widely Application: Hospital medical treatment; Go to the supermarket; Go to work by public transportation; Rock climbing and cycling for outdoor activities.