Latest version: list of officially approved mask suppliers b

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1:3M        Product model:        9001, 9002, 9501, 9501+, 9501V+, 9502, 9502+, 9502V+, 9505+, 9541, 9541V, 9542, 9542V, 9552, 9552V
2:AAB (China) Co., Ltd.        Product model:        KN95
3:Allmed        Product model:        KN95 Particulate Respirator LP220002
4:Anhui Zhongke Duling Commercial Appliance Co., Ltd        Product model:        Mether M-9501 EN149:2001 FFP2
5:Anshun Health and Medical Technology Co., LTD        Product model:        AKF2002
6:AOK Tooling Ltd. (aka Shenzhonghai Medical)        Product model:        20130040, 20130045A, 20180021, 20130038, 20190019
7:Bei Bei Safety Co Ltd.        Product model:        B702, B702V, B704, B704V
8:Bei Bei (Dong Shan) Protective Supplies Co., LTD        Product model:        B707
9:BYD Precision Manufacture Co. Ltd.        Product model:        BYD KN95 Particulate Respirator     (Model Number: DG3101)
10:Changsha JNEYL Medical Equipment Co., Ltd        Product model:        JN-9501
11:Changzhou Wedream Medical Device Co., Lt        Product model:        KN95
12:Chengde Technology Co.        Product model:        KN95 (PM 2.5) Protective Mask
13: China Nano Technology Co., Ltd         Product model:        ZN6005ZN8005
14:Chongqing China Nano Technology Co., Ltd.        Product model:        KN95 ZN6005
15:Chongqing Zaisheng Technology Co., Ltd        Product model:        ZS-A950
16:Chuzhou Qiao Dong Industrial Co., Ltd        Product model:        Langie KN95 FFP2
17:Creative Concepts Manufacturing Ltd        Product model:        02669, 02676, KN95
18:CTT CO. Ltd.        Product model:        KN95
19:Daddybaby Co. Ltd.        Product model:        KN95 FFP2
20:Dongguan Arun Industrial Co., LTD        Product model:        KN95 N9
21:DongGuan HuaGang Communication Technology Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95-A; KN95-B
22:Dongguan Leihuo Medical Device Co., LTD        Product model:        CPFM-100, CPFM-101, LH-KN95
23:Dongguan Sengtor Plastics Products Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95
24:Dongguan Xianda Medical Equipment Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95
25:Foshan Nanhai Weijian Sanbang Protective Equipment Technology Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95 Model 9051A
26:Fujian Kang Chen Daily Necessities Co, Ltd        Product model:        K0450, 57793
27:Fujian Pageone Garment Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95
28:Fujian Yongtai Sanlian Garment Co., Ltd.        Product model:        N95
29:Guangdong Fei Fan MStar Technology Ltd        Product model:        KN95
30:Guangdong Golden Leaves Technology Development Co., Ltd        Product model:        8862 KN95
31:Guangzhou Aiyinmei Co., LTD        Product model:        A&F KN95
32:Guangzhou Harley Commodity Company Limited        Product model:        L-103V KN95
33:Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co., LTD        Product model:        PPDS N95 Respirator and Surgical Mask Model No. PPDS Ear Hook M
34:Guangzhou Nan Qi Xing Nonwoven Co. Ltd        Product model:        KN95
35:Guangdong Nuokang Medical Technology Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95
36:Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies Co., LTD        Product model:        KN95
37:Guangzhou Sunjoy Auto Supplies Co., LTD        Product model:        Earhook folding type K1-K100Headband folding type K1-K100
38:Guangdong Kaper Protection Technology Co., Ltd        Product model:        KP-K02 (N95)
39:Guangdong ZhiZhen Biological Medicine Co., LTD        Product model:        KN95
40:Guangzhou Yihere Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd        Product model:        YH-MFK-B95, YH-MFK-Z95
41:Guizhou Bocai Medical Device Co., Ltd.        Product model:        Bocai KN95
42:HeiQ Materials AG        Product model:        HVB-FFP2-01
43:Henan FengzhihuangIndustrial Co., Ltd        Product model:        HF/KN95-3
44:Henan Youmaisi Health Technology Co. LTD        Product model:        YMS-AN95
45:Huizhou Green Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd        Product model:        G95200
46:Huizhou Huinuo Technology Co., LTD        Product model:        HV-N White 9501A, HV-N White 9501B
47:Huizhou Jiahe Cubic Technology Co., LTD        Product model:        KN95
48:Huizhou Lexuslance Technology Co. Ltd        Product model:        LK-003
49:Improve Medical (Hunan) Co. Ltd        Product model:        PPDS Strap Headband MPPDS Ear Hook M
50:Jiangsu Weichuangli New Materials Co., Ltd        Product model:        WCL-0075
51:Jiangsu Yimao Filter Media Co., Ltd        Product model:        9570K
52:Jiangxi Hornet Industrial Co. Ltd        Product model:        S-KN95
53:Jiangxi Yifengyuan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.        Product model:        N95, KN95
54:Jinhua Jiadaifu Medical Supplies Co. Ltd        Product model:        KN95 FFP2
55:Jinan Vhold Co., LTD        Product model:        VH-95
56:Juntech (Jiaxing) Healthcare Materials Co. Ltd        Product model:        KN95
57:Lanshan Shendun Technology Co        Product model:        SD-KN95-01, SD-KN95-02, SD-KN95-C01, SDKN95-C02
58:Panzhihua Gangcheng Group Yasheng Industrial Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95
59:Qingdao Orphila Medical Technology Co. LTD.        Product model:        OM-KN95-FFP2
60:Qingyuan Leite Technology Development Co.        Product model:        GV-0095A, GVHKN95
61:Raxwell Industrial Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd        Product model:        RX9501
62:Rizhao Sanqi Medical & Health Articles Co., Ltd        Product model:        RIZ100CVb, 3Q KN95, 3Q FFP2 NR, RIZQ100Sb, 3Q KN95 9505
63:Shandong Daddy's Choice Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd        Product model:        Purism KN95
64:Shandong Huishoutang Pharmaceutical Co        Product model:        KN95
65:Shandong Shengquan New Material Co., Ltd        Product model:        SNN70370B (Willow leaf form valveless)
66:Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Company, Ltd        Product model:        DTC3X-1, DTC3X-2, DTC3X-3, DTC3B-1
67:Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co.,Ltd        Product model:        YQD95 KN95
68:Shauguan Taijie Protection Technology Co. Ltd.        Product model:        KN95
69:Shenzhen Horb Technology Corp., Ltd        Product model:
70:Shenzhen Missadola Technology Co., Ltd, dba 1AK Medical Supplies        Product model:        2626-1 KN95
71:Sunright Medical Technology (GuangDong) Co., LTD        Product model:        KN95-C3
72:Suzhou Bolisi Medical Technology Co., Ltd        Product model:        BS-9501L, BS-9501FL, BS-9502C, BS-9502FC
73:Suzhou Sanical Protective Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd        Product model:        Model 8015, Model 9015
74:Tianjin Benmo Medical Equipment Co., Ltd        Product model:        KN95
75:Weini Technology Development Co., Ltd        Product model:        FFP2 NR E-300, FFP2 NR E-680, FFP2 NR 952, FFP2 NR F-820, KN95 958, KN95 951
76:Winner Medical Co. Ltd        Product model:        WN-N95FW, WN-N95FG, WN-N95FGIN
77:Yiwu Henghao household products Co., Ltd        Product model:        HH-KN95-001
78:Yiwu Yifan Knitting Co. Ltd        Product model:        KN95
79:Zhangzhou Easepal Industrial Corp        Product model:        MASK-104
80:Zhejiang Baiyi Intelligent Garment Co LTD        Product model:        KN95
81:Zhejiang Shengtai Baby Products Co Ltd        Product model:        KN95
82:Zhende Medical Co., LTD        Product model:        N9501F
83:Zhengzhou QBS New Material Co., LTD        Product model:        KN95
84:Zhengzhou Ripe Medical Technology Co., LTD        Product model:        Disposable Protective Mask KN95
85:Zhengzhou Ruipu Medical Technology Co.,Ltd        Product model:        KN95
86:Zhengzhou Wanshenshan Healthcare PPE Co., Ltd.        Product model:        KN95
87:ZhongKangprotective equipment technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd        Product model:        ZK601