Dongguang Leihu medical kn95 mask production line helps kn95

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As an industrial automation expert, Dongguang Leihu medical has accumulated nearly 20 years of non-standard automation industry experience. In 2020, we will actively adapt to the market demand and independently develop full-automatic kn95 mask production line and semi-automatic kn95 mask production line.
Feeding, flanging, ear band welding, edge sealing, packaging One kn95 mask is off-line, the whole process is less than 2 seconds, and about 50 masks can be produced every minute. The production line of Shenzhen Jingmin digital full-automatic kn95 mask covers an area of more than 20 square meters.
Adopt high precision intelligent control system: precise photoelectric induction, precise control feeding, avoid waste of raw materials, touch screen human-computer interaction, perfect alarm, safety protection!
The main transmission adopts high-precision and high-speed industrial grade servo motor system to ensure accurate positioning. It can produce masks with different shapes and layers of 3 to 6: use the roller to press out the crease, and then use the folding mechanism to fold and form. The roller height can be adjusted.
Dongguang Leihu medical transferred to kn95 mask production line, which not only helps the social demand of epidemic prevention and control, but also opens up new fields for enterprises. However, it is not easy to develop a kn95 respirator line. Dongguang Leihu medical uses its own intelligent control equipment research and development technology and experience to set up a research and development team of more than ten people. After many improvements, it has finally developed a full-automatic kn95 respirator line of jmdm-kn95-a model.
It is understood that Dongguang Leihu medical digital has launched not only the production line of full-automatic kn95 mask machine, but also the production line of semi-automatic kn95 mask machine, including: semi-automatic film printer, semi-automatic rotary welding headset, semi-automatic rotary blank holder, automatic packaging machine and other equipment.
Dongguang Leihu medical digital kn95 / kn95 respirator equipment has stable performance, professional and technical team, many years of industry experience, good quality, high price and high efficiency. At present, the company has received many orders for full-automatic kn95 respirator production line / semi-automatic kn95 respirator production line. If you need, you can contact Jingmin digital to see the goods and determine the delivery time.
Keep improving, be sensitive and go far! Choose Dongguang leihoo Medical is to choose a professional and reliable! Industrial automation experts, quality assurance, professional casting, precision digital has accumulated nearly 20 years of non-standard automation industry experience, has a good brand reputation in the country, serves customers in various industries, works stably for more than 10 years, serves all professional research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, especially in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta District has a lot of loyal customers! New and old friends, hand in hand, together with the war epidemic! Jingmin digital to present you the boutique kn95 mask machine production line